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Random Act of Kindness Patch Activity

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We got our girls busy on virtual patch-earning in mid-March – we completed Random Acts of Kindness and Keep Calm, I am a Girl Scout patches. Here is what we did if you would like to do it with your troop:
Random Acts of Kindness

The girls learned what it meant to live the Girl Scout Promise and Law over eight days to earn the first patch. Every day they were asked to do something to exemplify a section of either the Promise, the Law or a combination. Each night they and their parents posted a picture, video or confirmation of what the girls did through our private online group. We were proud of their responses and feel this experience has helped them to understand GS values, not just memorize and repeat them.

Activity Sheet / Instructions Example

Complete a listed action each day based on the Girl Scout Promise or Law. Have a parent post it in the online group each day, using a photo, video or drawing. It has to be done the same day it was posted. Suggest keeping this requirement so all patches can be earned with honor.

We will start on ______and continue for 8 days.  Questions? Contact Leader _______or Leader _________.

  • Day 1. Girl Scout Promise: What did you do to serve your God or Country?
  • Day 2. Girl Scout Law: What did you do to be honest, fair, considerate and caring?
  • Day 3. Girl Scout Law: How were you responsible for what you did or said, to show respect for yourself and others?
  • Day 4. Girl Scout Law: In what ways were you courageous and strong?
  • Day 5. Girl Scout Promise and Law: How were you friendly and helpful to at least one other person? Now, come up with an idea that would make a person smile. A card? A poster? A video? A song? Your funniest face?
  • Day 6. Girl Scout Law: What did you do to respect authority?
  • Day 7. Girl Scout Law: How did you use resources wisely?
  • Day 8. Girl Scout Law: In four sentences, what does it mean to be a sister to every Girl Scout?
Keep Calm, I am a Girl Scout

The second patch we worked on was Keep Calm, I am a Girl Scout. This one was designed for family participation and ran for ten days. Since school started again, via the internet, we gave the girls two days for each project. Origami was our theme, starting out simple with a cat and dog face, we progressed to more difficult designs each day, ending with a pony that flips.

Since not everyone had origami paper at home, and we did not want anyone going out for supplies, the girls were given several ideas of what they could cut into 6- or 7-inch squares. Magazine pages, Sunday comics, wrapping paper, copy paper that they colored, drew on, marbled, textured with watercolor and salt, or anything they could come up with.

To order your Random Acts of Kindness and Keep Calm, I am a Girl Scout patches, visit the online Council Shop!


By Troop 655 in Payson
Troop Leader: Jessica Kjellstrom
Co-Leaders: Denise Blanchette, Alexis Kjellstrom