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First Time Virtual Meeting Checklist

Thinking about hosting a virtual troop meeting? This checklist is a great place to start! You’ll realize it’s easy as pie, just like planning for one in-person and with the virtual tools we share, you’ll quickly learn how easy it is to get started! 

How to set up a virtual troop meeting:
Determine the virtual meeting tool the troop will use to meet. See Resources to Meet Virtually on the Virtual-GS page for our recommendations. 
Next, contact your families to confirm that everyone has internet access and the comfort level to connect online. Many tools have multiple ways to call into a group meeting, including just through the cellphone and not using a computer. 
  Plan to keep the first gathering short and focus on the relationship more than a group activity or badge content. Once everyone is comfortable, you can plan more ambitious agendas. 
Treat the first virtual meeting as you would with any first meeting; set up expectations and ground rules, such as not using the chat log for side conversations during the meeting.
Create a schedule that works with families and girls, and provide agenda items, so they know what to expect and plan for! This gives girls something to look forward to as well.

Collaborate! Work with families and the girls to get ideas and feedback on what the girls would like to do! 

Now that you’re ready to host your first virtual meeting, check out these fun Virtual Troop Meeting Activity Ideas