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Maximize Your Cookie Sales in 2019


Cookie season is upon us January 21! Are you prepared to be a #cookieboss? As with any consumer-driven business, the cookie sale evolves with the changing needs and wants of customers, which has been largely driven by technological advancements…it’s a challenge to keep up! There’s plenty of ways to make the most out of your cookie sale this year but here are a few things to focus on, according to the experts:

Digital Cookie

Digital Cookie has been a game-changer since 2014! Moving into the tech space is so important, not just as a sales strategy, but to advance the programmatic aspects of cookies for girls. Girls are learning how to run an online business!

Girls can reach family and friends who may not live in town. By sending their personal Digital Cookie link to those who are out of reach they can sell more cookies, and those family members can feel involved with Girl Scouts on a personal level.

Not only is Digital Cookie helpful for those who are out of reach, but it’s a great way to connect with your community! Girls are more than welcome to share their Digital Cookie link with family and friends in their own circles and offer to deliver the cookies themselves!

Cookies for the Community

This is a great way to upsell! If someone hands you a $20 bill but only wants one or two boxes, ask them if they’d like to donate the rest to the cause your troop has chosen to support, or the organizations benefiting from Council’s Cookies for the Community donation. This is also good for people who may not be able to eat cookies – they can still support Girl Scouts in Arizona through donations!


You may think booths are the only way to go when selling cookies – but trends prove otherwise! People are spoiled with food delivery and grocery pick-up options nowadays. Bringing products to the customer’s door is beneficial for not only them but girls as well! Through Walkabouts, girls are learning one-on-one sales and getting to know people in their community at the same time. Girls get the opportunity to really connect with their customers by telling them what they love about the cookie program or how they plan on spending their cookie proceeds! These are great ways to increase girl’s interpersonal skills while also selling lots of cookies!

Make the most out of this cookie season and remember that selling cookies should always be a fun learning experience for everyone! More resources for marketing your cookie business>