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5 Benefits to Learning Multiple Languages


Language: the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.

Did you know the majority of the world can speak more than one language? Communication is the key to the universe. Learning different languages can be so beneficial, to not only the next generation but to everyone! Here are just five ways learning a foreign language can be beneficial.

  1. Improves memory: Learning a new language can be difficult! You often have to retrain your brain to function in a different way using new vocabulary, grammar, and overall cognitive skills. All this brain power helps improve memory! Use it or lose it – surely, you’ve heard the saying, and it’s true. Becoming multilingual forces your brain to work harder and ultimately your memory becomes better.

  2. Provides better career choices: Putting several languages on your resume can open many more doors! The world is becoming more and more connected; therefore job positions often require multilingual speakers. As the world moves forward, don’t fall behind! Remember that learning languages will not only be beneficial to kids while they’re young but throughout their lives.

  3. Enhances the ability to multi-task: It may seem obvious but knowing more than one language helps you become a better multi-tasker. When you know multiple languages and can switch between them either when speaking or thinking, you’re developing skills to become a better multi-tasker. Being a great multi-tasker can ultimately decrease stress levels as well!

  4. Increases networking skills: This goes along with providing more career opportunities! The more people you can communicate with, the more opportunities come your way. You can connect with people on a deeper level when you communicate in their native language. Networking skills can come in handy at all points in life. Whether you’re traveling the world or meeting your new neighbor, it’s always beneficial to be able to communicate well with everyone!

  5. Promotes cultural awareness: Learning another language opens your mind to different cultures. Girl Scouts is a very diverse organization full of women and girls all around the world. Gaining knowledge on the many cultures shared throughout this organization promotes inclusivity and understanding which are so important to the Girl Scout family!

New year, new you? Consider taking on the adventure of language this year! There are so many more benefits than you may know – for more information check out this comprehensive review issued by the National Education Association