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PetSmart Paw Patch Program


In collaboration with PetSmart Charities, GSACPC launched the Paw Patch Program in February. It’s for all Girl Scout grade levels to learn about the responsibilities of owning and caring for a pet, as well as careers involving animals and animal advocacy. There’s a center patch and four rockers to earn: Voices for Animals, Pet Responsibility, Pet Care, and Pet Careers. So far, thousands of girls have had a blast with animals while learning – check out what some troops did to earn their rockers…

Troop 1620 of Peoria - Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes:
Troop Leader: Jolie Goncz
  • Voices for Animals: Toured the Humane Society, learned about pet rescues and nursing animals back to health.
  • Pet Responsibility: Visited the Horse Clinic at Spurs Ranch, learned all about horses and rode them!
  • Pet Care: Made and donated pet blankets, homemade dog treats, and dog toys to the Humane Society.
  • Pet Careers: Interviewed Dr. Prater at Arrowhead Animal Hospital and learned all about being a veterinarian.
Troop 1577 of Phoenix - Juniors:
Troop Leader: K. Kiri Goldberg
  • Voices for Animals: Visited Home Fur Good and learned about homeless animals and euthanasia. The girls made 100 dog and cat beds, 150 dog toys, and 200 dog treats for the shelter, and taught other troops how to make them!
  • Pet Responsibility: Visited Power Paws and learned about the importance of therapy dogs and how to respect when they’re working.
  • Pet Care: Completed the horseback riding badge and learned how to care and groom horses at Spur Cross Stables.
  • Pet Careers: Took an animal first aid class from Comfy Pets AZ and learned how to clean and bandage a dog's wound safely, treat bee and scorpion stings, and about veterinarians.
Troop 761 of Goodyear - Brownies-Ambassadors:
Troop Leader: Tiffany McGee
  • Voices for Animals: Volunteered for Kits Kitten Rescue and the Humane Society. The girls put in 100 service hours in total!
  • Pet Responsibility: Worked with Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue Spay and Neuter and educated sister Girl Scouts about the importance of spaying and neutering.
  • Pet Care: Volunteered and donated no sew blankets to kittens that were up for adoption at PetSmart in Mesa.
  • Pet Careers: Worked with shelters in Phoenix and Flagstaff making beds, toys, and no sew blankets.

Get the Paw Patch Program Guide.

Earn the entire Paw Patch and rocker set at GS Day at the Phoenix Zoo!