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Meet the Camp Director: Kitty of Parsons Leadership Center


The Parsons Leadership Center is finally opening its door in April! So who is our beloved camp director at our brand new Parsons Leadership Center? Crystal “Kitty” Dingott, formal camp director of Camp Maripai, started working at Camp Maripai in 2003. Kitty loves working with kids and loves helping girls grow into strong leaders. We’re so happy to have her!

What’s your favorite thing about the outdoors/nature?
Sitting in silence and listening/watching: the sunlight on the grass, the wind in the trees, sounds of the birds and little bugs….the quiet beauty, the seemingly simple, yet infinitely complicated web of life happening all around me.

Favorite camp song?
“Anne Marie Loves John Pierre” and “One Tin Soldier”  

Most unique SWAP item you’ve seen?
A little camp fire made out of bottle cap.  

Best thing about your job?
Witnessing the transformation of young women who come to camp nervous or unsure of themselves, and then overcome challenges by working with other girls. At the end of the summer they are proud of themselves, know their self-worth and what they are truly capable of, because they found it in themselves.

Have any pets?
I adopted two kittens from the Humane Society. They are twin sisters, both grey and white, named Sugar and Spice.

What’s your go-to camp food?
Chicken patty sandwiches….mmmmmmmmmm!

Best part of the s’more?

Favorite color?

Peanut butter or jelly?
Peanut butter

Outer space or underground?
Outer space

Fun fact:
I have been working as a runway model for 15 years.