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Meet the Camp Director: Juniper of Willow Springs


Camp directors lead the charge at camp, plan programs, manage the day-to-day details, communicate with parents and much more. So, who is the camp director at our beloved Willow Springs? Born and raised in Eastern Washington, Michelle “Juniper” Balfe-Keefer has 20 years of working with youth and families and has been our camp director at Willow Springs for 8 years! We’re so happy to have her!

Favorite thing about the outdoors and nature?
I feel peaceful in the outdoors – I love the smells and the sounds. I love to track animals and have close experiences with the birds, mammals, reptiles and insects.

Favorite camp song?
“Da Moose”

Favorite camp activity?

Most unique SWAP you’ve seen?
Hand crocheted flowers

Best Camp Memory?
Any time spent with girls or camp staff learning and practicing their outdoor skills and laughing together.

Have any pets?
Lila, a 15-year-old black lab and Miho and Richard, who were found at Camp Tabby Cats.

Best part of the s’more?
The ‘mallow.

Favorite color?

Peanut butter or jelly?
Sunflower butter (we outlaw peanut butter at camp!)

Outer space or underground?
Underground! I would love the chance to see and meet all the organisms that live underground, see the roots of plants, and the various layers that make up our world.

Fun fact:
I love school so much that I am going for my second Master’s Degrees.

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