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Helping your Daughter Make New Friends


Whether your daughter is going to summer camp, entering a new school or new neighborhood, making new friends is important. Yet for many girls, it’s just not that easy.

Here’s some advice on how to steer her in the right direction.

  1. Tell your daughter about how you met your friends. You probably have some good stories to share with her.

  2. If your daughter is a bit shy, she might need a few suggestions on what to say when she meets someone new. Role play some ways she could introduce herself to others.

  3. Making friends at camp is easier because the camp culture is very accepting. New campers are welcomed and invited to join in activities. If your daughter is going to camp for the first time, knowing this might lessen her concerns.

  4. Your daughter will meet other kids at school, but don’t limit her to just that group. Try signing her up for activities at the library, for a team sport or a class piques her interest. 

  5. Make it easier for her by trying to get to playdates, troop meetings, and other activities on time. When you’re late to a social activity, your daughter might miss out on introductions and feel uncomfortable reaching out on her own.

Summer camp is around the corner! Sign her up today.