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Alumna of the Month: Monica Bravo


My Dream Job in the Forest

“Girl Scouting and camp are beautiful woven fabrics that have made my life the colorful quilt it is.”

I had never experienced camping. I was not an athletic or outdoorsy type person, but I was excited for a new adventure with my sister Girl Scouts. I was in the 5th grade.  Despite the obvious inconvenience of sleeping on a cold cot in a platform tent, preparing all of our own meals and keeping our unit clean, I fell in love with the forest.

What I most enjoyed were the campfire skits and songs. I sang those songs everywhere. I taught everyone my favorite repeat songs. The Princess Pat and Boom Chicka Boom became my go-to babysitting activities.

Later, in my first semester at college I took an introductory education class. The final assignment was to present a lesson to the class.  I procrastinated and then ended up spending an entire night creating a lesson to teach a song I learned around a Girl Scout campfire. The next day, I had college football players singing and doing movements to Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion. My professor assured me I was going to be a successful educator.

That summer I packed my things and moved to Willow Springs…

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