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Troop Tuesday: Sharing the world of STEM


In today’s digital age, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) has infiltrated nearly every sector of business, yet there continues to be a concern around a viable pipeline to fill the current and future workforce with skills in these areas. This is something the Girl Scouts are committed to nurturing among girls who are interested in exploring STEM.

In fact, the Girl Scout Research Institute found in a national survey that 77% of girls say that, because of Girl Scouts, they are considering a career in technology. One Arizona Junior Troop discovered the importance of educating Arizona’s future STEM leaders, connected to the need for equipping them with the available materials and took action to make it happen.  

Girl Scouts has a ton of STEM curriculum available for girls. When Junior Troop 748 learned Flagstaff STEM City offers STEM resources to the community, they decided to make them Girl Scout-friendly.

Troop 748 teamed up with Flagstaff STEM City to create STEM binders to support troops in earning badges and journeys because, they were compelled to change the status quo for other girls who are passionate about STEM. To do this, the girls spent hours organizing STEM resources and activities to match with badges and journeys that can be earned.

Together, the girls assembled binders full of information for Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes, to have the resources to pursue an interest in these fields to girls who want them. After presenting their project at the Flagstaff Earth Day event, they have been invited to return next year. They even earned their Bronze Award in the process! Way to go, girls!

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