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Troop Tuesday: Senior Girl Scouts plant their seed of knowledge


When you’re a Girl Scout, it’s easy to be green. In fact, it’s in our DNA. Our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, was a famous lover of nature. Today, Girl Scouts honor her legacy by promoting respect and love for the great outdoors.

To earn their Sisterhood Journey and Take Action project, Senior Troop 404 wanted to make a positive impact on the environment and teach their sister Girl Scouts that there is more to a flower than just its good looks.

Troop 404 decided to help Juniors complete their Junior Flower badge by hosting an event at Glendale Public Library and Saguaro Ranch Park. As a team, the girls came up with an idea to lead a garden tour. They created botanist notebooks and gathered pipe cleaners, safety pins, pencils, paper, and napkins for related-fun activities.

The event was successful with over 20 attendees from Troops 1010, 1709, 998 and 2321. Because of this great turnout, Troop 404 is planning to host another workshop.

Troop 404 is using their leadership skills and is setting great examples for their younger Girl Scout sisters. Amazing!

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