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Volunteers of the Month: Appreciating those who help girls lead


Behind the cookie sales, the overnight camping trips, the weekly activities, the smiles and the lifelong memories, stand our devoted Girl Scout volunteers who selflessly lead and mentor girls in big, powerful ways.

Prescott Valley volunteers, Jamie Summers, Rashell Wagner and Sara Weathersby, juggle multiple roles as parents, hold full-time and part-time jobs, serve on the leadership and service teams AND attend school. On top of these priorities, these ladies still find the time to do whatever it takes to give girls the gift of Girl Scouting.

Recently, all three ladies reached a huge milestone by graduating with higher education degrees this spring! Amazing, right? Not only are they achieving this huge accomplishment, they are demonstrating leadership, compassion and determination for girls. Congratulations, ladies!

Want to change girls’ lives by becoming a Girl Scout Leader? Learn how you can get involved!