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Troop Tuesday: Troop 436 goes the extra mile to bring plenty of smiles


Girl Scouts is known for going above and beyond to make a difference in the community. And that’s exactly what Troop 436 is doing.

Multi-level Troop 436 wanted to make things a little brighter for those in need. They decided to make donations to a few organizations in the valley by collecting food, clothing and household items for Tanner Chapel AME Church’s Food Pantry, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Tanner Gardens Senior Living.

The girls used a portion of their cookie proceeds to purchase these items as well as receive donations from family and friends. Together, they collected 534 packs of ramen noodles, 153 canned goods 108 bottles of water, and 100 medicine bottles for Tanner Chapel AME Church’s Food Pantry. They also donated 278 pounds of clothes to Big Brothers Big Sisters and 125 cleaning products, cleaning supplies and toiletries to Tanner Garden Senior Living.

Wow! Troop 436 definitely made a dent in brightening the community by serving a great purpose. Great job, girls!

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