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Service Project of the Month: Girl Scouts bring hope, faith and love to farm animals


When Troop 1204 learned some farm animals suffer from neglect and abandonment in commercial farming institutions, they decided to take action.

To earn their Bronze Award, Troop 1204 decided to build a pond to provide extra comfort for farm ducks at Aimee's Farm Animal Sanctuary. To do this, they raised funds to buy supplies and spent Saturday mornings during the summer working on the pond. 

After completing their project, Troop 1204 had a special awards ceremony at the Chandler City Hall with Mayor Jay Tibshraenyas and Aimee Takaha, founder of Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary.

“Troop 1204 is doing great things for our community,” says Aimee. “They’ve put so many hours into our farm sanctuary and our ducks are so happy, they were splashing and diving in their new pond!”

Troop 1204 is making a positive impact in the lives of animals and gaining an appreciation and awareness of the world. Great job, girls!

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