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Inside World Thinking Day with Troop 485


Each year on World Thinking Day, girls participate in activities and projects with global themes to honor their sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 150 other countries. The festival celebrates international friendships, but is also a reminder that Girl Scouts are part of a global community. Nearly 50 troops will gather at Margaret T. Hance Park on February 20 to teach their fellow Girl Scout sisters about a country from around the world.

This year, multi-level Troop 485 will host a Japan booth. It’s the third year these girls will host a booth. Every year they become more involved in the planning process and enjoy themselves even more. In preparation for the festival, the girls have brainstormed what type of info they wanted to teach people about, assigned responsibilities, researched topics and began building their booth. Talk about girl-led!

World Thinking Day

Margaret T. Hance Park

1202 N 3rd St, Phoenix 85003

Last day for online registration is February 5! 
(Onsite registration is available)

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We caught up with Troop 485 to find out why World Thinking Day is so special.

Q: What do you love about World Thinking Day?

Alessandra, Cadette: “It’s a way to visit countries, but stay in Phoenix!”

Madison, Cadette: “I love learning about different cultures from around the world, it’s so fun!”

Shannan, Co-Leader: “I love seeing the girls grow each year and their competence develop. I am continually impressed with how girl-led the event is.”

Q: What to girls and visitors get from attending the World Thinking Day festival?

Sherry, Troop Leader: “Exposure to other cultures! Girls have an opportunity to explore, in depth, not only the country they are hosting a booth for, but for countries around the world. They get to identify similarities and differences, and see how they fit in to a larger community.”

Kiera, Junior: “You will definitely learn something new!

Ruah, Cadette: “It will inspire you to learn more about other cultures, and maybe even travel to some of the countries when you are older.”

Q: As a parent, what is your favorite part of World Thinking Day?

Angela, Co-Leader: “Since we are a very girl-led troop, the girls gain a lot from the planning experience. It builds their competence, confidence and public speaking skills. It gives them valuable experience that transfers to other areas of their lives. For example, if they are doing research project at school, they already have the tools and skills to do it from their experience with World Thinking Day.