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GSACPC celebrates founder Juliette Gordon Low’s 166th birthday by getting more girls out-of-doors


Halloween Oct. 31, to Girl Scouts, is also Founder’s Day—the 166th birthday of Juliette Gordon Low, who started the Girl Scout Movement in 1912. It’s fitting that Juliette’s birthday coincides with the most creative, imaginative, and fun day of the year. She was the original visionary and her forward thinking brought girls of all backgrounds into the outdoors.

Juliette started the Girl Scout Movement at a time when the idea of a girls’ leadership organization was as silly as the idea of seeing a ghost; before women could legally vote, and before many women were able to own property or even work outside the home.

So on this special day, Girl Scouts everywhere say happy birthday to this remarkable woman who created our Movement. We can honor her memory and celebrate her birthday by imagining who we want to be, today and in the future, and by working every day to turn our dreams into a reality.

Through a generous grant by the Mellon Foundation, GSACPC has partnered with Student Conservation Association interns to help council staff enhance outdoor and conservation activities, as well as organize outdoor service opportunities for family and community members, and assist in increasing girl participation and volunteer confidence in the outdoors.

It is through innovative initiatives, like this one, that makes today’s Girl Scouts relevant while still carrying on the dreams of our founder!