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5 Ways to Pay it Forward this Thanksgiving


Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes, and it can be incredibly powerful in its various forms. You can make a meaningful difference in someone’s day and life by channeling your inner Girl Scout and paying it forward with a dash of love, light, and service.

Here are five small yet powerful ways to pay it forward this Thanksgiving!

1. Did you buy more food than you need for your Thanksgiving meal? Head to a local homeless shelter or a neighbor’s home—anyone you know who might be running a little low this year—and offer your unopened and unused items.

2. Lucky enough to have some very special people in your life? Send thank-you notes to friends and family. Let them know three reasons you are especially grateful for them this year. You’ll fill them with warmth.

3. Have a friend in need of a little pick-me-up? Surprise them with a lunchbox filled with her or his favorite Thanksgiving leftovers. Include inspirational sticky notes to lighten their mood, and you’ve just given a special someone a meal to remember!

4. Do you have a coworker that is particularly stressed out at work or at home? Make their day by getting to work a little early and leave a gift card for coffee or some other small treat you know they’ll love. Add a note with something like “Have a GREAT day! You are awesome!”

5. Ready to give back? Many families consider helping at a soup kitchen, shelter, or hospital on Thanksgiving Day. You’ll be much more appreciated if you help the day after Thanksgiving or another day during the holiday season. It’s a great opportunity to bond and focus on what’s really important!

Now that’s what we call Thanksgiving!