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5 Ways to Help Your Daisy Get Ready


Whether your daughter is starting school or joining a troop, here are five ways to help your Daisy get ready.

1. Practice following directions. Work on her ability to listen and follow directions by giving her two and three-step directions. For example: “Put on your pajamas, brush your teeth and pick a book to read.”

2. Rehearse social skills. Even if she’s a social butterfly, she may need a little boost to help her interact with others in a new setting. Have her introduce herself by saying her name, grade and favorite animal.

3. Practice sharing and taking turns. Make sharing fun by doing cooperative activities like completing puzzles or building a block tower. As you’re building the block tower, talk your child through the steps saying things like, “Now it’s your turn to add a block and then it will be my turn.”

4. Come prepared. Help her get familiar with Girl Scouts’ rich history by reading to her about our founder, Juliette Gordon Low.

5. Become a Girl Scout! Attend a recruitment rally information session to learn more about being a Girl Scout. Be prepared to laugh, do a craft or game and learn about how Girl Scouting impacts girls’ lives.

Remember to have fun! This is an opportunity for your Daisy to make new friends and develop her independent spirit so she can take on the world!

Interested in joining Girl Scouts? Find out how you can!