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5 Selling Tips for Fall Product Program


As you and your troop participate in the upcoming Fall Product Program, here are five selling tips for a successful sale!

1. Be prepared. Know all the different products you’re selling and be able to tell your customers about each variety.

2. Make a list. Write down names of who you would like to contact about the sale. The number one reason people don’t buy from the program is because they were never asked.

3. Wear your Girl Scout gear. When taking orders or selling, make sure your customers know you’re a Girl Scout by wearing your uniform and/or membership pin or Girl Scout clothing (e.g., a Girl Scout T-shirt). You want to make the best impression!

4. Share your goals. Be able to share how your troop will use the money after making sales. It could be for troop supplies, uniforms/badges or community service projects.

5. Be positive. Always be polite and say “Thank you” regardless if you make a sale. If you sell by phone, speak clearly and cheerfully. With face-to-face sales, make eye contact and smile.

Remember to have fun! This is a great opportunity for girls to become leaders and prepare for bright futures!

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