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5 Cookie Program Tips for Parents

Parents play a big role in their Girl Scouts’ cookie success by listening and coaching their daughters as they set goals, make decisions, handle money and deal with customers. It's tempting to simply write a check or manage the process for her, but then your daughter losses out on the learning AND the fun of working with others to achieve a goal. 

1. Talk to your daughter about her goals. Ask her how she decided on her sales goal. Find out what’s motivating her. Ask about her plan for reaching that sales goal. Is she planning to do walkabouts, participate in troop booths, use digital cookies? The important thing is to listen to her answers to these questions. This may lead you to ask other questions to help her clarify her plans.

2. Ask your daughter about her troop’s goals. Are they planning to use their cookie sales proceeds to fund a service project, go on a trip, or have a party? Hopefully, your daughter will share her excitement about the troop’s plans.                                                               

3. Now that you know the goals of your daughter and her troop, you can find ways to help. It may be to accompany your daughter on several neighborhood walkabouts or chaperone a booth.  Talk to your troop cookie manager about how you could help her.  Even if you have limited time, you can promise to help your daughter accurately keep track of her cookie inventory and turn in money regularly.

4. Review the Girl Scout Promise and Law with your daughter and encourage her to demonstrate these qualities in everything she says and does throughout the cookie program, even if others don’t!

5. Have fun with your daughter. Many parents especially enjoy spending time with their daughter during the Cookie Program, watching them learn, have fun and gain confidence.

Some parents take an order card or cookies to their workplace. If that’s something you do, consider having your daughter make a poster or write a statement about what she wants to accomplish so that she remains part of the sales relationship.

Here’s to a fun and successful 2016 Cookie Program!