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4 Sweet Selling Tips from a Top Seller Girl Scout Troop


As you and your troop participate in the 2016 Girl Scout Cookie Program, here are four selling tips from Troop 634 to increase your cookie earnings!

1. During the sale, wear a lanyard around your neck with pictures of the cookies on it. People will see it and ask if you are selling cookies.

2. DO WALKABOUTS! “I go door-to-door in my neighborhood with my mom,” says Sierra of Troop 634. “We still pull a wagon with the cookies in it! I sell 100-200 boxes this way and people love that we still use this tactic.”

3. At booths, make a sign that says “Cookies, $4 per box” and “5 boxes for $20.” People think that 5 for $20 is a great deal, when in reality, it’s the same price.

4. UPSELL! If a customer is buying three boxes of cookies and paying with a $20 bill, say “Would you like to buy two more and make it an even $20?” You’ll be surprised how often this works!

Remember to have fun! This is a great opportunity for girls to become leaders and prepare for bright futures! Access fun cookie resources here!