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Troop Tuesday: Brownies brighten a difficult time


When it comes to making the world a better place, even the youngest Girl Scouts can make a difference.

Brownie Troop 758 adored Sierra Verde Elementary School’s staff member, Mr. Mark, who was always laughing, smiling and making students laugh. After he passed away in late January, the girls wanted to be sure that they sold enough cookies to donate money to the Outdoor STEM Lab that was being built in memory of him.

At the grand opening ceremony of the STEM lab, the girls presented a $200 check to Mr. Mark’s family to show their appreciation and how much he meant to them.

“Girl Scout Troop 758 is a true example of young adults who make a difference in the lives of others,” says Dr. Paula Tseunis, Sierra Verde Elementary principal. “Their selfless donation to the Outdoor STEM Lab in memory of our beloved plant foreman is an example of how these young ladies work together to give of themselves to others.”

These Brownies may be small, but are definitely mighty! Troop 758 has truly embraced their loving act of kindness. Amazing work, girls!

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