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5 Stories Showing How Girl Scouts Make the World a Better Place


Many people outside of Girl Scouts don’t know what we’re all about: building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. We already know how amazing Girl Scouts are, so it’s extra special to see them recognized in local media for their good deeds. Way to go girls, and thanks for making all of us proud to be a Girl Scout!    

1. Arizona Silver Belt & Copper County News: Girl Scouts Donate Cookies to Servicemen and Women

2. Apache Junction / Gold Canyon Independent & Queen Creek / San Tan Valley Independent, Project Earns Teen Girls Silver Award

3. Man enough to be a Girl Scout

4. La Voz, Joven impulsa la redacción de menus en braille en Puerto Rico A Girl Scout from San Juan, Puerto Rico convinced four chain-restaurants to provide brail menus for patrons who are blind.

5. This American Life: The secret history about the power of Girl Scouts’ unrelenting cheerfulness: The story of a troop during WWII, in a concentration camp, in China.