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GSACPC will not be participating in Digital Cookie pilot program from GSUSA


Arizona Cactus-Pine council is enthusiastic about the advancements Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. is making in many areas of the Girl Scout experience, including the Digital Cookie program announced by  GSUSA through this press release yesterday.

While Digital Cookie represents an exciting enhancement of the Cookie Program, the virtual sales platform that launches in the 2014–2015 cookie season is simply phase one of what will become a much broader and more robust program, and Girl Scouts of Arizona Cactus-Pine (GSACPC) is not among the councils participating in this initial phase of the program. GSACPC will evaluate phase one of the Digital Cookie platform at the end of the current cookie season and make a decision about its implementation in our council for the 2015–2016 cookie season.

This means for the 2015 cookie season:

  • GSACPC girls will not be accepting payment for cookies over the internet
  • GSACPC girls will initiate sales through an email marketing platform (Cookie Club) to accept cookie orders, then collect payment at time of delivery
  • GSACPC girls will utilize social media (following internet safety guidelines) to encourage customers to find cookie booths with the Cookie Finder mobile app
  • GSACPC girls will have cookies in hand right at the beginning of the sale season
  • Many GSACPC girls will accept payment via credit card (troop by troop decision)

So rest assured cookie customers will still be able to buy all their favorite treats in the usual varieties from Girl Scouts in their communities! Girls from GSACPC will still be participating in traditional booth and door-to-door sales and have the ability to take online orders by Cookie Club email.

The GSACPC cookie program dates are January 26 – March 8 and we have a lot of exciting news and happenings to tell you about. Stay tuned!

In separate but related exciting news, GSACPC is undertaking an even larger initiative to improve the online experience for volunteers, called the Volunteer Toolkit. From membership registration to managing a troop, this initiative is expected to simplify the user experience. Providing our volunteers with better support is our number one priority and we expect to enhance the digital cookie experience for girls’ sales in the coming seasons.