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Bring the Power of Girl Scouts to More Girls


Today, thousands of girls want to join a Girl Scout troop, but they are on waiting lists because there is a shortage of Girl Scout volunteers to offer the necessary support, encouragement, and guidance that all Girl Scouts need along the way.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Girl Scouts— they are our everyday heroes. Volunteers enable girls to dream big and to realize that they’re capable of more than they ever imagined. And because volunteers play such a vital role in delivering the Girl Scout experience, they deserve top-notch resources and training, and all the support we can provide for them.

But right now, we’re also facing a shortage of funds needed to identify, recruit, and train new volunteers.

That’s where you come in. Your investment will help us support new volunteers and bring the best to our 11,000 volunteers in central and northern Arizona. Whether they are moms, dads, college students, or Girl Scout alumnae, they need your support to empower the next generation of girls.

When you invest in Girl Scouts you’re helping us recruit and keep volunteers who impact the lives of countless girls by generously offering their time and talents.

After all, girls can’t change the world when they’re stuck on a waiting list.

Here are two steps you can take today to help increase the number of volunteers and bring the power of Girl Scouts to more girls:

1. Invest in Girl Scouts locally with a donation to support volunteers and ultimately bring Girl Scouting to more girls. Give today.  

2. Volunteer with Girl Scouts in your neighborhood. Every adult who volunteers for Girl Scouts gives at least five more girls a chance to be a Girl Scout. Start today.