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#Love: Volunteer and Daughters Strengthen Bond through Girl Scouts

When Nichelle Williams signed her daughters up for Girl Scouts, she had no idea how deeply her family would be affected.

“I signed my daughters up for Girl Scouts to help develop their leadership skills, give them opportunities to try new things and make lifelong friends. Initially, I did not choose to volunteer for Girl Scouts. I was one of those moms who just wanted to help,” says Nichelle Williams, who has now been a GSACPC volunteer for more than 13 years. “Over time, a helping mom naturally becomes a volunteer,” she adds.

Nichelle is currently a troop leader, a trainer for other volunteers, and a member of her Community Practice Team. She has two daughters, Jordan and Justice, who are both Girl Scouts. She says that one of the biggest benefits of volunteering with Girl Scouts, is the opportunity to spend time with her daughters as they develop their values and morals.

“Jordan, Justice and I have an awesome relationship! Now that they are both teens ready to graduate high school, I really love that they feel so comfortable to talk to me about anything and everything,” Nichelle says, adding that not too many parents get to experience this type of honest and open communication with their teenage daughters.

Girl Scouts asks all parents and adults to consider becoming a volunteer. To get connected to the Girl Scout community and more information, visit