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Girl Scouts Youth Engagement and Support (GSYES)

We know Girl Scouting works and has proven to support academic success and life outcomes in alumnae. Girl Scouts show increased self confidence in their decision-making abilities and their capacity to become strong leaders in their own lives and communities. However, not everyone finds Girl Scouting familiar or easily accessible.

GSACPC aims to bring Girl Scouting to more girls in Arizona by providing access to consistent programming in places where Girl Scouting has not yet taken root. This effort is known as GSYES.

We know the traditional troop model of Girl Scouts is not accessible to many girls in communities where economic and volunteer resources are a barrier and where Girl Scouting is not well known to the community. Our GSYES program allows us to bring Girl Scouting to these communities, at sites where girls are already gathered, like schools and Boys & Girls Clubs. These partners provide the meeting space, publicize the program to their students, and help us find volunteers. GSYES staff members bring all supplies and run a weekly program for attending girls for a set amount of time (typically six weeks).

GSYES helps us show unfamiliar girls and their families what Girl Scouting has to offer. Our intent is to transition these staff-supported troops to volunteer-led troops after the program is complete. However, if necessary, we continue staff-led programs until volunteers can be placed and the troop is transitioned. This process helps the program take root in places where Girl Scouting was previously unavailable.

Through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience girls develop a sense of belonging and sisterhood with one another and begin to work toward five outcomes: a strong sense of self, positive values, healthy relationships, challenge seeking, and community problem solving. Parent helpers learn more about Girl Scouts and develop more confidence in their ability to lead girls. 

This programming has become an innovative and important model for ensuring that we are able to serve all girls and to sustain and grow our volunteer base. We’re thrilled to report that we’ve served over 1,200 girls in 67 sites across the Valley so far this year.

Community Support Needed

  • Volunteer now. Inquire about becoming a program partner, volunteer or intern at
  • Donate now. With support from the community, we can continue to serve all girls in our community regardless of need or circumstance. We know that investing in girls will produce a great return in economic development, social progress, and public health, improving not only individual lives but the fabric of society overall.
    • We recently learned that the T.W. Lewis Foundation has offered GSACPC another $25,000 matching grant in support of our GSYES program. We’re excited to share this opportunity with Girl Scout champions and local leaders. The T.W. Lewis Foundation will match  gifts made by brand-new donors to our organization totaling $1,000 or more with an additional $1,000. This generous match essentially doubles the impact of each gift made to our GSYES program.
    • Donate to GSYES, or other specific programs.
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