Girl Scout Cookie Program
Welcome to the 2014 Cookie Program!

Why is the Girl Scout Cookie Program so important?
It’s more than money. It’s the lifelong skills that girls learn by doing and the confidence they build doing it. The Cookie Program helps girls develop skills in five areas: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics. These are essential skills needed to successfully navigate life—whether working on a high-school science project team, running a household, being a project manager or a company CEO. Not many organizations offer these key business skills to girls. Girl Scouting does, with the largest girl-led business in the world!

What's our goal this year?
To sell 3,300,000 packages of cookies in 2014.

Whats NEW this year? COOKIES NOW!
Cookies will be available at the start of the Cookie Program. So girls can sell to neighbors, friends and families, with cookies in hand. That means just one step to sell, deliver and collect money. Saving time for busy families!
  • Instant cookie gratification! Customers won’t have to wait for cookies to be delivered. And girls can circle back to customers before the end of the sale to sell them a few more boxes.
  • Shorter cookie sale. The overall sales time is consolidated into just six weeks, making it easier for girls and volunteers to participate.
  • Increased sales. Selling with cookies in hand has been successfully piloted in other Councils. They saw sales increase by at least 15% over prior year.
  • Girls can still use order forms, if they choose. But now girls can also use them as a cookie sales record that can be kept from year to year, so girls can build their customer base.
Ready to get started? Get everything you need right here!


Cookies Support Camp Sombrero
Girl Scout Cookie goals are extra special in 2014! Let Ellie, Jordan and Maria tell you why:

GSACPC has embarked on The Campaign for Girls in Arizona. This ambitious campaign’s goals are to raise $15 million dollars that will allow us to bring Girl Scouting to more girls, especially in underserved communities, develop and support new adult volunteers, expand our program offerings and transform Camp Sombrero into The Leadership Center for Girls and Women. As of November 1, we have already raised about $3 million.
  • The idea to use a portion of cookie sales to fund the transformation of Camp Sombrero came out of our girl-led Annual Meeting in April 2013 and was approved by the Board of Directors in June. This is a great way for our Girl Scouts and their families can help make this dream a reality.
  • Proceeds for the first 3 million packages will be used to sustain Girl Scouting in our community!
  • In 2014 and 2015, all Council proceeds from cookie sales over 3 million packages will be used to transform Camp Sombrero. So by reaching our goal of 3.3 million packages of cookies in 2014, we will have raised $630,000 towards transforming Camp Sombrero into the Leadership Center for Girls and Women.

Initial Order Calculator
You might be wondering how to determine your initial order under the new, direct-sale format. Based on other councils’ experience, GSACPC recommends an initial order that is 80% of your final sales last year. This baseline will give you the necessary inventory to meet your sales demands during the first part of the sale, and prevent our cookie cupboards from being bare! 

Use this Initial Order Calculator to help determine the recommended amount for your troop. Just plug in your troop per girl average from last year, the number of girls selling this year, and the calculator will do the rest! 

Key Dates
  • January 2 – Cookie Booth Scheduler Opens
  • January 8 – Troop initial inventory order due in eBudde
  • January 25-26 – Delivery weekend
  • January 27 – Cookie Go Day! Cookies in Hand, Booth Sales & Cupboards open
  • February 20 – First ACH debit from troop accounts 
  • March 9 – Sale ends
  • March 19 – Second ACH debit from troop accounts