Congratulations to our 2009 World Award honorees!
World of Learning

Melinda Romero
Chandler Unified School District

"Melinda is an extraordinary educator and a dedicated professional whose advocacy for children is unprecedented. Her work in the district for the past 37 years has contributed immeasurably to the success of our students."
Camille Casteel, Ed. D.
Chandler Unified School District No. 80


Alyssa Rollando
Ahwatukee Neighborhood

"It obvious that learning, for Alyssa, is more than a matter of memorizing historical facts … it is truly understanding the complexities of change over time and recognizing connections among seemingly dissimilar events, actions and ideas."
Carol A. Hodus
Social Studies Teacher
Director of Student Activities
Xavier College Preparatory

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World of the Future

Lisa Lee Love
Arizona State University

"Lisa understands well the importance of creating opportunity for women athletes. Her vision and personal leadership skills are laying a foundation for the sustained success of ASU’s student-athletes and the Athletics program. Her standards are high and her commitment is higher still."
Michael Crow
President, Arizona State University


Catherine Bina
Ahwatukee Neighborhood

"She is committed to the advancement of science, math and technology. She has a vision of encouraging women to pursue careers in technology, math, science and engineering. Her goal is to advance the space program by exploring outside the solar system."
Cristi Swan
Co-leader, Girl Scout Troop 592

World of the Arts

Deborah Gilpin
Children’s Museum of Phoenix

"As a former board chair, I have been able to watch Deb mentor her staff and volunteers to be a part of making the museum a great place for our youngest children to experience play, art, and quality time together."
Tom Ambrose
Community Affairs Liasion
Phoenix Suns


Sara Ellenberger
Ahwatukee Neighborhood

"She truly enjoys taking her musical skills of playing the harp to people in many different venues. Sara gives to others so that they can hear beautiful music and so that they can educationally edified."
Dr. Shelley B. Wiest

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World of Community Service

Kay McKay
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff

"She has fused her commitments to career, community, family and love of fellow Arizonans into a remarkable whole, seamlessly serving all facets of her commitments, benefitting all, and drawing strength and energy from them as she does so."
Lattie F. Coor, Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO
Center for the Future of Arizona

Taylor Dawn Petersen
Pima Neighborhood

"As a Girl Scout, Taylor exemplifies what it means to be considerate and caring. She is a responsible young woman who does make the world a better place. Whatever future endeavors Taylor takes on, I know that it will somehow be related to helping others."
Sr. Yolanda A. Mendoza, IBVM
Notre Dame Preparatory High School


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Hillary Jean Eder
Two Rivers Neighborhood

"I have been impressed with her understanding of self, motivation, and dedication to those around her … and the service to others with whom she has no personal bond in the community. Such commitment and understanding by a person of such youth is rare."
Doug Combs, President
The Luscombe Endowment

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World of Humanity

Marian Frank
The Arizona Republic

"Her advocation to shed light on the challenges facing the elderly, women and children can be seen on the pages of our community and living sections. Marian embodies the philosophy that The Republic can, and should do more than report on problems. We should be part of the solutions."
Gene D’Adamo
Vice President, Community Relations
The Arizona Republic

Gabriela Marie Guerra
Arcadia Neighborhood

"Gabi has been active in supporting community issues and needs. She has been an active volunteer at the Phoenix Rescue Mission, providing valuable volunteer service to the homeless and underprivileged men, women and children."
Teresa Ann Easley

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World of Courage

Leslie Mihata Bloom
Partnership for Drug Free America–Arizona Alliance

"Through her commitment and perseverance, Leslie has and continues to have an incredibly positive impact on our community and brings hope to those who are could be ravaged by the effects of drugs."
Devon Engel
Vice President and General Counsel
General Dynamics, Scottsdale

Lt. Jacquelyn MacConnell
City of Phoenix

"Jacqui is not afraid to stand alone when helping others is not the popular, convenient, and is often the outside-the-box thing to do. Starting with herself, she is able to lead a change of approach, building ways to help others that become protocol."
Georgia Secvov
Phoenix Police Department

Kaitlyn Amanda Stone
Sunny Peaks Neighborhood

"I always enjoy Katie’s stories about assisting her parents on the ranch and helping to find lost cows. On one trip, her father had an accident that left him immobilized. She did what needed to be done and hiked ten miles for help … she saved her dad’s life that day."
Rosemary Logan
Museum of Northern Arizona


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Lisa Keegan
The Keegan Company

"Her ability to collaboratively bring reforms to fruition, maintain her composure–even in the midst of vigorous debate-and tirelessly crusade for improving education reflect her fidelity to her passion and her calling."
Dr. Carol G. Peck
President and CEO
Rodel Foundation of Arizona

Melanie Erin Picciano
Fountain Hills Neighborhood

"Melanie possesses quality leadership skills, has a driven passion of an artist and a large heart of an unselfish volunteer. It has been a pleasure to watch Mel develop into a great role model for younger girls and a young leader that adults admire and often seek her help."
Nita Blose
Girl Scout Service Team Member


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