Uniquely ME!
Created in 2002 to address the critical nationwide problem of low self-esteem among adolescent and pre-adolescent girls, Uniquely ME! the Girl Scout/Dove self-esteem program is designed to foster self-esteem of girls in grades 4-12.

A recent study by the Girl Scout research institute, titled "the New Normal, What Girls Say About Healthy Living," found that girls define their health in holistic terms, and place equal value on emotional and physical well-being. Uniquely Me! helps girls feel better about themselves by helping them develop the skills necessary to face life's challenges. The core program curriculum, which integrates the latest research from the Girl Scout research institute, consists of fun, hands-on activities that guides girls through simple exercises that help them understand and build self-esteem.

Troop/group Leaders are now able to offer the Uniquely ME! program at their meeting site or join together with other troops, in your neighborhood to create a day event! All Girl Scouts who complete this program are eligible to receive our council Uniquely ME! patch. The patch was especially designed by GS Junior troop #1250, Sue Bailey, Troop Leader.

Interested in offering the Uniquely ME! program to your group/troop or Juliette?
  • Download and print your level program curriculum, provided below.
  • Review the curriculum materials with all adults who will help deliver the program.
  • The adult team should decide upon the when, where and how the program will be delivered (4 one-hour meetings or one day divided into 4 one-hour sessions.)
  • Host your Uniquely ME! event
  • Complete and return the patch order form with full payment, to the council shop to request your Uniquely ME! patches.
Use the following links to download the Uniquely ME! facilitator materials: Use these links for more information on facilitating the Uniquely ME! program:
  • GSUSA - Learn the herstory of Uniquely ME!/download additional workshop materials
  • Dove/Unilever - View a Uniquely ME! workshop/download additional workshop materials