MY VOICE, MY FUTURE! A Girl Scout’s guide to a life of active citizenship.
A Girl’s Guide to Voting Badge

A Girl’s Guide to Voting Badge is a one-day event that will provide a hands-on leadership experience for Senior-level Girl Scouts, where they will work through custom activities based on the “Behind the Ballot” badge work. The girls will develop a deeper understanding of the election and voting process and will be able to engage more fully in 2012 presidential election. 
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Do you believe voting is important? Are you interested in politics, and wish others were too? If so, we have an exciting Global Citizenship project for you.

My Voice, My Future, a collaboration between GSACPC, The O’Connor House and other community organizations, hopes to inspire Arizonans to be among the best informed and engaged people in the country.

Why is this important? Did you know…

  • Arizona ranks among the bottom 10 states in all aspects of voter participation
  • Arizona ranked 32nd in the nation for discussing politics with family and friends
  • Arizona ranked 43rd for turnout in the 2008 presidential elections
  • Only 47% of younger Arizonans voted in the 2008 elections

Our ultimate goal is to transform the State of Arizona into a top-ten state in all aspects of voter participation!

We want YOU to help us get there! We are looking for Cadette, Senior and Ambassador-level Girl Scouts who will form a committee, and create a take-action project that will reach out and inspire future voters, young voters, parents and teachers.


GSACPC Kicks Off My Voice, My Future!

My Voice, My Future kicked off on Thursday, March 29, 2012! Girl Scouts from Arizona Cactus-Pine Council came together to show their support for this Global Citizenship project! At the meeting Girl Scouts learned how they can contribute to this statewide initiative to change the future of democracy. Girls participating also learned about i-civics and brainstormed ideas for take-action projects. 


There is still time to be a part of this effort! Contact Viviana Reyes at 602-452-7072 for more information.

GSACPC My Voice, My Future Committee and The O’Connor House NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Volunteers are needed to man voter registration booths at various statewide locations including: grocery stores, shopping centers, farmers markets, sporting events, community fairs, events and neighborhood meetings.

This volunteer opportunity is open to:
  • Girl Scouts
  • Parents
  • Troop Leaders
  • Troops
  • Juliettes
  • Staff
Let’s show Arizona Girl Scouts care about their communities! Join the  effort to create an Arizona where important policy decision affecting our future are made through a process of civil discussion, critical analysis of the facts, and informed participation of all citizens.

For more information and to register as a volunteer contact Viviana Reyes at 602-452-7072 or

This project is made possible by The O’Connor House.