Initial Cookie Order Calculator
To be successful on Go Day, it is essential that girls have enough cookies. We have heard from other Councils who have direct sales, that the cookies sell out fast at the beginning of the sale! So it’s important that all troops place an initial order and not solely rely on cookie cupboards for large volume pickups. GSACPC recommends an initial order that is 80% of your final sales last year. 

  • Step 1: Use this sheet (click here) to find your 2013 PGA (per girl average)
  • Step 2: Use the calculator below to help determine the recommended amount for your troop. Just plug in your 2013 PGA, the number of girls selling this year, and the calculator will do the rest!
  • Don't forget!  To reach the Initial Order Reward your Initial Order PGA must be at least 150.

2013 Troop PGA

Number of Girls Selling