Congratulations to our 2008 World Award honorees!
World Leadership Award

Governor Janet Napolitano
State of Arizona

"The values and leadership skills instilled by Girl Scouts have stayed with Governor Napolitano throughout her life and have been embodied through her public service to others, service to justice and the law, and as a volunteer for causes that she is passionate about ... she is not only a leader within the State of Arizona, she is one of the nation’s most innovative, influential and inspirational leaders."
Lisa Glow • Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center
Allyssa Clark
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"I have watched Ally has she indirectly influences other girls while she takes on more and more leadership roles inside and outside Girl Scouts. I believe she is a leader by example, one of the most important leadership styles. Adults around her are in awe of her passion to learn and lead! I feel very fortunate to have her as part of our troop and our neighborhood."
Nita Blose • Troop Leader

World of Community Service

Jacquie Dorrance
The Dorrance Foundation

"Jacquie is the consummate volunteer and does not just lend her name to community efforts and events; she rolls up her sleeves and gets totally involved with the project. Her commitment and good counsel is exemplary in the volunteer world. Phoenix is most fortunate to have Jacquie involved in many worthy causes."
Carol Waldrop • Arizona Science Center

Melissa Leneweaver
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"Melissa's leadership and passion for humanitarian efforts drive her to challenge herself for the benefit of othres and she is definitely responsible and mature beyond her years. She serves as the chair of the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Phoenix Youth Development Committee, organizing events, managing volunteers and promoting the tremendous efforts that our community supports."
Shannon Anderson, M.Ed. • AP/IB English Educator

World of the Arts

Colleen Jennings-Roggensack
Arizona State University Gammage

"Colleen has been at the forefront of transforming Maricopa County and the State of Arizona into a vibrant arts destination with a national reputation. She serves (or has served) on the boards of several local and national arts advocacy and business groups. Colleen also speaks locally and nationally on the importance of the arts to our economy and how the arts in education are so vital to successful students."
Barbara Lewkowitz • Girl Scout Community Partner Honoree 2004

Jessica Scott
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"There is no question that Jessica is certainly talented in the area of art...the most enjoyable part of Jessica and her artistic abilitiy is that she enjoys sharing her love of the arts, and is consistently seeking ways to develop her talents and help others find theirs."
Emily A. Gabaldon • Bradshaw Mountain High School

World of Courage

Olga Aros
Ora y Dia Management Group

"A long time community activist, Olga was one of the first Latinas to assist the United Farm Workers of America. She was instrumental in arranging health centers for migrant farm workers and their families. She embodies the characteristics of women who have passion, fortitude and courage to make a difference in the lives of the needy."
Loui Olivas • Arizona State University

Elisabeth Reil
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"Elisabeth is a person who demonstrates selfless commitment of determination and hope. I have witnessed her growth as a student both academically and socially. Her involvement at German summer camp has been aplace where she not only learned her language, but also where she became a leader, assisting others to develop their own skills. Elisabeth demonstrates the traits called forth in the Girl Scout Promise and Law."
Gail Hartman • Xavier College Preparatory High School

World of Humanity

Jean June

"Whether it is finding housing, groceries, transportation, medication, furniture or clothing, there are no barricades too great for her to find a way over or around. I can’t even begin to imagine how many people she has helped in her lifetime. Jean is an advocate and often an army of one but this is her calling."
Sue Glawe • Blue Cross Blue Shield
Katrina Hartzler
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"Katrina was instrumental in collecting medicines, basic hygiene supplies and other essentials to take to a primary school and orphanage in Uganda. She used her spring break to accompany doctors, physician assistants, nurses and others to attend to the needs of the children. While in Uganda, she taught each group of students basic hygiene. She distinguished herself daily and undoubtedly won the hearts and gratitude of those she served."
Brian H. Goodman • Foothills Baptist Church

World of the Future

Dr. Katie Barclay-Penkoff
Arizona State University

"Katie inspires all of us to strive for more in our lives. Motivated, by what is best for young women and young men who have not had the best opportunities or best support systems. There is no hidden agenda, no desire for recognition. In fact, she is always looking for ways to give credit to others."
Kathy Twitchell • Arizona Department of Corrections
Kathryn Davis
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"Katie’s strengths are exemplified by her class rank, participation in extracurricular activities and myraid of community service organizations in which she is involved. I admire her for the balance she creates in her life, understanding the importance of excelling, but more importantly, seeking to share her gifts through volunteer efforts."
Mrs. Shelley Hudson • Cactus High School

World of Learning

Sister Mary Norbert Long
St. Mary-Basha Catholic School

"Sister Mary Norbert Long has spent her life working tirelessly for the youth of our community, preparing them to be tomorrow’s leaders. Sister’s zeal and passion for her duty inspire the young people around her to feel that same zeal in their tasks. More than anything, Sister knows the needs of today’s youth and works heard to meet them in the safe environment provided by St. Mary-Basha Catholic School."
Shauna Lynn Casey • St. Mary-Basha Class of 2004/Girl Scout IGM
Laura Hanson
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"I have known Laura for four years...during this time, I have watched her grow and mature academically and personally, and I can say without a doubt that she is one of our school’s most talented students. Her hard work and dedication has paid off, she currently ranks 4th in her senior class of 505. One of Laura’s best characteristics is her passion for learning."
Paula Somers • Ironwood High School