More about Willow Springs Program Center
Welcome to Willow Springs Program Center!
Willow Springs is a modern program center located in the Prescott National Forest, covering 190 acres at an elevation of 6,000 feet. The mountainous terrain is full of boulder fields, pine and some deciduous trees, and an intermittent creek runs through the camp. The wildlife in the area includes deer, mountain lion, javelina, coyote, snake, raccoon, skunk, birds and other small animals. Camp facilities include multi-use buildings, dormitories, tent units, a sports field, and hiking trails.

Willow Springs Program Center Site Description
All buildings have electricity and water, except as noted. Heat is provided in buildings that are open for the winter season unless otherwise noted.

Alice Marshall Lodge – open year round (no sleeping in lodge)
This beautiful log building accommodates 120 people for day use only. It has a wrap-around porch on three sides of the building overlooking the forest and the creek. The large conference room has a natural beamed ceiling, windows on three sides, carpet, a stone fireplace, ceiling fans, tables and chairs. There are two bathrooms off the main room, providing 6 toilets and 3 sinks. The lodge has a commercial kitchen, which must be rented with the lodge and only to those knowledgeable in the use of commercial kitchen equipment. A food handler’s permit is required.

Cooks's Quarters in Alice Marshall Lodge – open for cooking staff
  • 4 cot-size mattresses/bed frames
These 2 small sleeping rooms inside the Alice Marshall Lodge are available for weekend use only, and only to those renting the lodge. It accommodates 4 people. The bathroom has a toilet, a shower and a sink.

Big House – open year round
  • 51 cot-size mattresses
This is the original building of the camp. It accommodates 51 people overnight and 100 people for day use. It has a large living room, another large room, several small sleeping rooms, a large enclosed porch, and an outside fire pit. The living room has carpet, a fireplace, ceiling fans, and a small patio. The large kitchen has a stove, sink and refrigerator. It has 4 bathrooms providing 5 toilets, 5 sinks, and 3 showers/bathtubs.

Yavapai – open year round
  • 10 cot-sized mattresses/6 bed frames
This building accommodates 10 people for weekend use and 20 people for day use. It has two sleeping rooms and a small porch. The front sleeping room has a small kitchen area with a sink and cabinets. The bathroom has a toilet, a shower, and a sink.

Papago Staff House – open year round
  • 30 cot-size mattresses/bed frames
This modern building is situated in a boulder field and overlooks the sports field and creek. It accommodates 30 people for weekend use and 60 people for day use. The entrance to the building has a covered porch. The two large sleeping areas are divided by a living area. The living area has carpet and some furniture, skylights, a kitchenette with a sink, a stove and a refrigerator. A covered balcony overlooking the sports field is accessible from both sleeping rooms and the living area. Each sleeping area has a bathroom with 2 toilets, a shower, and 2 sinks. A laundry room with 2 washers and 2 dryers is available for emergency needs; they are used during resident camp. Handicap accessible.

Cocopah Dormitory – open year round
  • 60 mattresses/bed frames
This modern dormitory accommodates 60 people for weekend use and 120 for day use. The entrance to the building has a covered porch with benches. It has 2 large sleeping wings, each with a bathroom. The two sleeping wings are divided by the foyer with a drinking fountain and a large classroom. Each sleeping room is divided in half by a partition and has carpet and ceiling fans. The classroom is very bright with lots of natural lighting, ceiling fans, 2 sinks, and tables and chairs. Each bathroom has 3 toilets, 3 showers, and 3 sinks. This building has no kitchen facilities. Handicap accessible.

Maricopa Cabin – open year round
  • 4 cot-size mattresses/bed frames
This modern cabin accommodates 4 people for weekend use only. It has 2 sleeping areas divided by the bathroom. Each sleeping area is carpeted and has a separate entrance off the covered porch. The bathroom has entrance to each sleeping area and has a skylight, a toilet, a shower, and a sink.

Wellness Center [First Aider Only] – open year round
This building has a porch with 2 entrances, one large room, two smaller rooms, a residential kitchen and two bathrooms. The kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, sink and a table. Only the first aider (and sick kids) can use this building, which accommodates up to 20 people. A washer and dryer is available to the nurse to take care of laundry needs while caring for sick kids. Handicap accessible.

Jacque Steiner Program Center – winter season: open
This modern building accommodates 30 people for day use. The entrance to the building has a covered porch. It has one large carpeted area, used for meetings, dancing, and limited program. (No arts and crafts in this building.) Items available in this building are: tables, chairs, large projector screen and gas fireplace. It has a kitchenette with a sink, stove, and refrigerator. The building also houses two large store rooms, a Camp Office with telephone, two bathrooms (Men's & Women's). No food is allowed in this building. Handicap accessible.

Cabin Units – open year around
  • Apache 40 people - Handicap Accessible
  • Navajo 50 people
  • Hualapai Village 50 people
  • Hidden Camp 50 people
Three units have 5 cabins each with 5 bunk beds per cabin. Each cabin sleeps 10. All buildings are heated and have lights and porch lights. Apache Unit is ADA accessible and beds are individually floor mounted. Each cabin sleeps 8 people (only at Apache). Each unit has a program shelter with 4 large picnic tables with benches, electric outlets, lights, store room for food and supplies, 1 BBQ grill and 1 fire pit with metal fire ring and grill. Each unit has a heated bath house with toilets, sinks, and showers.

Tent Units
  • Hopi Mesa 25 people
  • Pima Village 30 people
The tent units are available for weekend use only. Each tent unit has a program Shelter with 4 large picnic tables with benches, electric outlets, lights, store room for food and supplies, 1 BBQ grill and 1 fire pit with metal fire ring and grill and wash sink, pit latrines, and trash cans. The heated bath house is shared between the units and has 7 toilets, 5 sinks, and 4 showers. 25/30 cot-sized mattresses/bed frames.

Primitive Camps – winter season: closed
This primitive unit accommodates 20 people for overnight use and 40 people for day use. The unit has water, a 2-hole pit latrine and a fire circle. Groups must bring all equipment, supplies and tents. This is an advanced camping unit and should be used by experienced troops/groups only.