We Believe in Girls
What is We Believe in Girls?
One of our goals at GSACPC is to give every girl the chance to be a Girl Scout. In some cases, this means offering a range of free services to girls and their families. 

We Believe in Girls does just that by offering no-cost Girl Scouting to girls who live in low-income neighborhoods, housing projects, homeless shelters and those who are in the juvenile justice and corrections systems.

In We Believe in Girls programs, girls will:
  • Be part of fun activities and learning opportunities.
  • Develop friendships with other girls, practicing social skills needed to work together.
  • Participate in service projects.
  • Engage in physical activities and become familiar with components of healthy living.

We Believe in Girls serves girls in a variety of ways. 

Some of our programming is flexible in nature. In “drop-off” programs, girls participate in Girl Scouting activities at area schools and community centers on a monthly or weekly basis. A girl attending a Saturday drop-in program once a month will have the opportunity to board a mini-bus and travel to the Arizona Science Center for a field trip or can attend Camp Sombrero for Twilight Camp.

Older girls can spend time at a residential camp—an enriching experience for any girl. At camp, girls are able to experience a sense of sisterhood that is unique to scouting, and are empowered by new challenges and opportunities offered to them.

For others, traditional troops that meet on a consistent, long term basis are available. By utilizing a strategy that engages the entire family in Girl Scouting, we have found great success in establishing permanent troops in economically challenged areas.

Who Participates?
Today there are roughly 2,700 girls between the ages of 5-14 in Maricopa County participating in We Believe in Girls.

GSACPC’s We Believe in Girls program serves girls throughout Maricopa County. This includes but is not limited to: Central City South, South Phoenix (South Mountain), Downtown Phoenix, Murphy School District, Sunnyslope, Creighton School District, Phoenix Elementary School District, Wilson School District, Community for All Ages through the Phoenix Revitalization Project, the Hope 6 Community Partnership, and the Marcos De Niza Community Center. In addition, We Believe in Girls programming is offered at group homes for girls and provides a sense of “family” for those who may have none.

The challenges faced by children in Arizona have been well documented. The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Kids Count Data Book 2006 notes the following:
  • One-third of 1/3 of children come from single parent homes and of these families 32% live in poverty.
  • Thirty-five percent of children in Arizona come from families where neither parent has year round, full-time employment.
  • Among teens, 9% will not complete high school and 13% of girls under the age of 20 will give birth.

Girl Scouts helps to address these risks. Girls hone social and other skills needed for a positive sense of self and many of those needed to navigate our complex world. Girls can relax in a safe, supportive, all-girl environment. And because Girl Scouting is based on developmental principles, the skills attained and values learned continue to be reinforced as girls move from one level to the next.

Community Collaborators
  • City of Chandler – Youth Enhancement Program
  • Peoria Diamond Club
  • Thunderbird Charities
  • USAA
  • Valley of the Sun United Way

How Can You Get Involved?
Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council
119 East Coronado Road
Phoenix, AZ 85004