Volunteer Learning Center

Girl Scouts learn to lead by watching what works for successful troop leaders and adult volunteers. If you are new to Girl Scouts, start with the online orientation and by learning about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. But don’t stop there! Whether it’s a weekend in the woods, CPR training, or getting prepared to be a troop leader, there is always a new way for adult volunteers to develop knowledge, skills, and tools. By growing yourself, you also create the best experience for your girls.

Online Training

Our online training helps you get on your way to becoming a Girl Scout Volunteer quickly, simply, and conveniently.

Volunteer Learning Calendar

Search the calendar for your next opportunity to grow!

Volunteer Learning Events

A list of upcoming events for volunteers.

Troop Camp Certification

Prepare for group camping and outdoor adventures.

Forms and Leadership Preparation

All you need for Girl Scout activities!

First Aid/CPR

If you have the opportunity to get trained in council-approved first-aid/CPR, do it!