Help Maintain and Improve Girl Scout Camps
Our four specialized program centers allow girls the opportunity to see themselves in a new light, and in a natural outdoor environment that is safe and close to friends and fun. Girl Scout programs incorporate ceremony and tradition that build a girl’s sense of belonging. Each girl steps into a new world to explore and takes with her the memories, positive values, and creativity that are the result of her time at camp. Girls contribute to camp as well and learn about protecting it as a natural resource. Over time these special places have become known for that girl spirit, along with the natural wonder and the many memories it preserves.  

CAMP MARIPAI is an 80 acre camp situated at an elevation of 6,000 feet in Prescott. The mountainous terrain is full of boulder fields, pine, and some deciduous trees.

CAMP SOMBRERO is a 14.5 acre camp nestled at the base of South Mountain in Maricopa County.

SHADOW RIM RANCH is a 40 acre camp situated at an elevation of 5,600 feet in the shadow of the Mogollon Rim in the Tonto National Forest.

WILLOW SPRINGS PROGRAM CENTER is a modern program center located in the Prescott National Forest, covering 190 acres at an elevation of 6,000 feet.