First Aid/CPR
Emergencies require prompt action and quick judgement. For many activities, Girl Scouts recommends that at least one adult volunteer be first-aid/CPR certified. For that reason, if you have the opportunity to get trained in council-approved first-aid/CPR, do it!

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A first-aider is an adult volunteer who has taken Girl Scout approved first-aid and CPR training, that includes specific instructions for child CPR. The Safety Activity Checkpoints tell you when a first-aider needs to be present.

There are two categories of first-aiders:
  • First-aider (Level 1): The presence of a first-aider (Level 1) is required for many group activities. The course required to be a first-aider (Level 1) is one that offers standard first-aid and CPR, preferably with a focus on children. The Safety Activity Checkpoints state clearly when a first-aider (Level 1) is needed. 
  • First-aider (Level 2): The presence of a first-aider (Level 2) is required at resident camp, and at any camp activity with more than 200 participants. The Safety Activity Checkpoints state clearly when a first-aider (Level 2) is needed. First-aiders (Level 2) pass the same course as the first-aiders (Level 1), and also have emergency response/first response, sports safety, wilderness first-aid, and/or advanced first-aid and CPR training. Each organization has a different name for its training, so be sure to ask whether a training course fulfills the Level-2 requirements.

First-Aid/CPR Instructors Resource List

Instructors are not affiliated with Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council. Please contact the vendor directly to inquire about classes.Please note: For certification purposes, First Aid/CPR classes must include hands on CPR skill demonstration.

  • American Emergency Response Training

(623) 561-0068

  • American Red Cross
First-Aid/CPR/AED, Wilderness and remote first-aid

  • A.S.H.I. Instructor

Gary Stanzak

  • Elite Community Services

Claudia Heiskell
(480) 558-1275
First-Aid, CPR, Infant CPR

  • Heart Savers


  • ProFirstAid

  • T&J Instruction, LLC

Tom Van Tress
(602) 325-3046
First-Aid/CPR- Adult, Child & Infant

  • Staying Alive LLC

Deanna Young
(480) 205-0350
CPR, CPR Pro, AED, Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid, Babysitter Training