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First Aid & CPR

Emergencies require prompt action and quick judgment. So when you have the opportunity to be trained in council-approved first-aid/CPR, do it! And don’t forget to pack your first aid kit.

First Aider

A first-aider is an adult volunteer who has taken Girl Scout-approved first-aid and CPR training that includes specific instructions for child CPR.

Caution: First-aid/CPR training given entirely online does not satisfy Girl Scouts’ requirements. These courses don’t offer the opportunities to practice and receive feedback on your technique. If the course you’re considering is not offered by one of the organizations listed below as a resource, or has online components, be sure to get approval from your council before proceeding.

The levels of first aid required for an activity takes into account how much danger is involved and how remote the area is from emergency medical services. See below:

  • Access to EMS is LESS than 30 minutes (First Aid required)
  • Access to EMS is MORE than 30 minutes (Wilderness First Aid (WFA) or Wilderness First Responder (WFR)* required)

*WFR is not required, but it is strongly recommended when traveling with groups in areas that are greater than 30 minutes from EMS.

Note: For large events of 200 people or more, there should be at least one first-aider for every 200 participants. The following healthcare providers may serve as first-aiders: physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, paramedic, military medic, and emergency medical technicians.

First Aid App

Learn about the official American Red Cross First Aid app that puts expert advice for everyday emergencies in your hand. Available for iPhone and Android devices, this app gives you instant access to the information you need to know to handle the most common first aid emergencies.

Where to take First Aid/CPR/AED Certification Courses

You may register for First Aid/CPR/AED courses scheduled by the Arizona Cactus-Pine Council or contact an independent provider.

First Aid/CPR Instructors List

Instructors on this list are not affiliated with Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council. Please contact the vendor directly to inquire about classes. 

Remember: For certification purposes, First Aid/CPR classes must include hands-on CPR skill demonstration.

  • Staying Alive LLC
    CPR, CPR Pro, AED, Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid, Babysitter Training
    Deanna Young
First Aid Kit

Make sure a general first-aid kit is available at your group meeting place and accompanies girls on any activity (including transportation to and from the activity).

The Red Cross offers a list of potential items in its Anatomy of a First Aid Kit. (Note that their suggested list includes aspirin, which you may not give to girls without direct parent/guardian permission.)

In addition to standard items, all kits should contain the council and emergency telephone numbers, Girl Scout activity insurance forms, parent consent forms, and health histories.