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Volunteer Resources

We want our volunteers to be successful, engaged and fulfilled in their Girl Scout volunteer roles. You’ll find a variety of resources (below and to your left) and learning opportunities here to meet your needs and learning styles. 


Exciting changes have come for Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine that will expand our capacity to support our girls and families.

Here are a few changes we have made!

  • Making it easier to finding a troop. The new online system will direct parents to an online “troop catalog” where they can search for troops, locations and meeting days that work for them and show the volunteer positions that need to be filled to get the troop off the ground. Volunteers will be appointed to a troop in one week instead of the 4 to 6 week process under our current system, and parents will be regularly informed of their girl’s status. Existing troops are NOT required to be part of the catalog, but that will be an option for troops that want to add more girls and/or volunteers.

  • Simplifying registration and background screening. Volunteers will move directly from registration to online background screening, simplifying the volunteer enrollment process while ensuring that volunteers are carefully screened.

  • Simplifying troop management. The new online toolkit will help troop volunteers get what they need, when they need it, based on their troop’s calendar. Troops will be able to plan out their whole year and have a roster of all troop member information, accessible via computer or mobile device, and tools to facilitate communication between parents and troop leaders.



How do I add a new girl to my troop?

Troop Leaders are no longer able to add new girls to her troop. If you troop is listed in the Opportunity Catalog, you can direct parents to add girls to the troop through the catalog. If your troop is not listed in the Opportunity Catalog parents can select “Unsure”, pay for membership and they will be contacted via email by a member of staff who will ask them what troop they would like to be in.

Why can’t view the Volunteer Toolkit?

The toolkit is only available for Daisy, Brownie and Junior troops. We hope to have content in place for Cadettes in the summer of 2015. If you are a Daisy, Brownie or Junior leader and can not see the Volunteer Toolkit, please contact the Registration Help Desk at

Where do I register for events?

Event Registration is found in the Events Calendar. You are no longer able to view your troop management account to see what you are registered for. If you have questions about previous program registrations, please contact the Registration Help Desk at