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Program Resources

Ready to get started?! You’re in the right place!

Here you will find everything you need to make your plan of action, manage the logistics and ensure girls are learning every step of the way. 

Getting started can seem like a big hill to climb, and that’s why seasoned volunteers and council staff members are here to help. If questions arise as you are reviewing material, or you just don’t know where to begin, think about who to contact in your support net:

  • Girls and parents connected to troops can look to troop leaders for additional support.
  • Troop leaders, look to your Service Units for additional support.
  • Reach out to your Product Program Team.

Key Dates

September 14 - November 1, 2015
(Pre-orders: September 14-25) 

  • Metro Phoenix:  October 3-4, 2015
  • Extended Area:  October 5-11, 2015