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Program Basics

Why not learn while you earn?

The Fall Product Program is the perfect way to teach girls life-long skills while earning troop proceeds.

Although this program is perfect for earning startup money for the troop, covering registration membership fees or funding girl travel, it is not just a fundraiser. This is a program designed to enhance the Girl Scout experience and is aligned with our values as Girl Scouts.

Participating girls will develop skills in financial literacy and learn how to set goals, make individual and group decisions, develop her unique sales pitch, manage troop proceeds and ethically run a business. She will also develop skills in running an online business.

Sound familiar? That’s because the Fall Product Program helps girls to develop the same entrepreneurial skills as the Cookie Program. This program will introduce or enhance the skills girls develop through participation in the Cookie Program. In fact, surveys show that 70% of troops who participate in the Fall Product Program will reach or surpass their cookie goal.

Participating girls will sell nuts and snacks in person using her order card, pre-ordering the majority of her sales with her troop/IGM initial order. She may continue to sell after the initial order, but those items will need to be picked up at the Council Warehouse.

Girls can also start an online business and sell nuts, snacks, magazines and photo keepsakes through a secure online program.

Not only will girls build skills by participating, troops and girls will earn:

  • Troops earn $1 on most snack items.
  • Troops earn $2 on $10 snack items, Magazines and Photo Keepsakes.
  • Girls earn fabulous girl rewards!