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Program Basics

What is the Fall Product Program?

The Fall Product Program is a Council sponsored program that combines educational activities with money-earning opportunities.

Who can participate?

All GSACPC Girl Scouts at any age level are allowed to participate. Just make sure you are currently registered and if you are in a troop, make sure your troop is registered, too.

Why participate?

The Fall Product Program is about supporting Arizona Cactus-Pine Girl Scouts and girl learning! Proceeds from the program fund both the troop and the entire Council, all while girls learn important life skills.

There are many fantastic benefits for girls! To name a few…

  • Start earning proceeds to fund a trip or various activities throughout the year.
  • Younger or new girls can “practice” a Product Program BEFORE the big Cookie Program.
  • Practice the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) Five Skills: Goal Setting, Money Management, Decision Making, People Skills and Business Ethics.
  • Council proceeds support camp upkeep, volunteer support, financial assistance and innovative programs.
  • It’s fun!
Where do girls sell?

Girls sell to friends and family face-to-face, and through a secure online program.


September 14 - November 1, 2015  (pre-orders: September 14-25)