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Fall Product Line-up

Participating in the Fall Product Program is fun and easy; it’s a program where girls will:

  • Become an Entrepreneur! Participating girls will develop skills in financial literacy and learn how to set goals, make individual and group decisions, develop her unique sales pitch, manage troop proceeds and ethically run a business.  
  • Get ready for the Cookie Program! Surveys show that 70% of troops who participate in the Fall Product Program will reach or surpass their cookie goal. Plus, there are multiple items on the Fall Program reward lineup this year that get her ready for an amazing cookie sale!
  • Earn amazing rewards! Based on girl input, this year’s reward lineup is going to inspire girls to set big goals during the Fall Product Program. Check out the reward card.
  • Learn about online commerce! Girls will set up their own online business. Perfect for busy girls who don’t have time to take orders in person from friends and family because girls can send them a link to buy nuts, snacks, magazines, gifts and photo keepsakes through a secure, personalized online program.  
In person, girls can sell:
  • Delicious snacks, nuts and chocolates
  • Military Snack and Magazine Share Items
Online girls can sell:


  • DillPcklPnts

    New! Dill Pickle Peanuts

  • salsa-mix

    Salsa Mix

  • fruit-slices

    Fruit Slices
    (Gluten Free)

  • ButToaPea

    Butter Toasted Peanuts
    (Gluten Free)


  • EngButtToff

    English Butter Toffee

  • mint-penguin

    Dark Chocolate
    Mint Penguins
    (Gluten Free)

  • dark-choc-caramel-caps

    Dark Chocolate Carmel Caps

  • pecan-cluster

    Deluxe Pecan Clusters


  • Salt&PepperCash

    New! Salt and Pepper Cashews

  • cashews

    Whole Cashews (Gluten Free)


  • mint-treasures

    Mint Treasures in Girl Scout Tin (Gluten Free)

  • honey-roasted-mixed-nuts

    Honey Roasted Mixed Nuts