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Program Partners & Service Opportunities

Program Partners

There are many organizations around the state of Arizona and beyond with which the Arizona Cactus-Pine Council is proud to partner. You can contact these organizations to schedule visits with your troop or as an individual.

Let them know that you are a Girl Scout! Sometimes our partners offer special events and programs for Girl Scout members and we’ll let you know about that here.

Service Opportunities

Look around your school, community, church, parks, etc. for projects that will help make it better for people and the environment.

Contact local nursing homes, shelters, food banks, schools, local governments, parks, zoos, crisis nurseries, day care programs, domestic violence shelters or other creative locations where girls can share their time with their community.

Keep in mind that some projects are limited by the age of the volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering at an agency, it would be a good idea to contact them ahead of time to be sure the girls are old enough to participate.

Click here for more community services ideas and a list of agencies.